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It is all of our 45th Autostraddle Anonymous Sex Toy Review! During the last several years, sex toy businesses and shops have propositioned all of us to review their toys in exchange for, you understand, their particular toys.

Recently, one of the unknown reviewers used the medium sized



Screwing Statues


  • Material:

    soda lime glass

  • Colors:

    white, silver, eco-friendly, black, or reddish

  • Size:

    about 3.9 to 4.7 inches thickness, 7.4 to 8.6 ins long, 12 to 18 ounces (also comes in smaller and larger sizes)

  • Price:


The Corkscrew

The Corkscrew from Fucking Sculptures is, simply, drilling attractive. It’s weighty and cool to touch. It’s hard and easy in the manner that merely cup adult sex toys could be. It catches the light within in the correct manner. It really is beautiful in a fashion that makes you need it inside of your human body.

Once it really is of one’s body, the Corkscrew feels weighty and solid, hence combined with form is actually intense. It’s unyielding and smooth in the manner that cup is often unyielding and easy, however the grooves allow an event totally its very own. (they even help you hold than many other cup toys, also wet with lube and arrive.)

Although the Corkscrew was actually mid-sized, and even though a number of the dildos my activity lover and that I typically utilize tend to be pretty statuesque, it was still relatively huge. Really screwing with it requires warming-up almost in the same way that fisting really does, because there is a difference between a four-inch width of squishy VixSkin and another of strong cup. Once it really is inside you and covered in lubricant, though, it really is practically effortless. While silicon, specially stickier silicone, generally seems to take in lubricant, one program often feels as though plenty of with cup, basically a definite benefit.

In addition to it was awesome. I must say I can not overstate exactly how awesome this toy is. If you enjoy cup toys, this is certainly a really considerate cup model.

Screwing Sculptures is actually a Berkeley-based company that calls alone “a research focused on generating beautiful and distinctive, handcrafted glass dildos, while offering your own experience that actually leaves the consumer feeling informed, motivated, and a lot more touching their own sexuality and desires.” It has five other cup toys together with the Corkscrew with various shapes, designs, sizes and colors.

Like all hand-made cup toys, every Fucking Sculpture varies. Mine features an especially rounded smaller end, and even though i really could in theory put it to use for penetration, it seems like it’d be also pointy. This difference is evident in
item photos
, wherein the toys look special. Whilst it helps make purchasing toys sight unseen online much less ideal if you need one thing specific, this implies a level of top quality that simply be a good thing. In a job interview with


the company notes

“Since each piece is thoroughly handmade, we could really focus on the form and simple curve each and every twist and bundle, purpose on final result — beauty and delight.”

“[Owner and glass musician] Lee [Milter] want me to add that he’s physically, spiritually, psychically, mentally, and physically opposed to mechanization and duplication. Simply put, we couldn’t make pieces like everyone else even in the event we planned to. Our very own dildos will permanently differ compared to the remainder and now we’re merely thrilled thereupon.”

One disadvantage associated with difference and surface is the fact that the sides made cleaning take more time. All Fucking Sculptures are manufactured from soda-lime cup, which means you can’t boil all of them — because cup is actually nonporous, minor water and soap, or alcoholic beverages or
doll cleanser
for sanitizing, tend to be adequate.

Each sculpture includes a padded storage case, while the company provides an excellent guarantee — should you decide break your doll, you can send a damaged portion or an image and they’ll change it once.

The Corkscrew cup dildo will be the method of model that produces you really feel as if you’ll will never need another cup g-spot model. If you’d like one thing with form and function in equal measure, this is the most incredible alternative around.

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