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What is AMA Crypto? Understanding Live Crypto AMAs

Understanding what is AMA in crypto opens the door to a richer, more nuanced view of the crypto world. Whether you’re an investor, a developer, or just crypto-curious, AMAs can provide invaluable insights into this fascinating realm. Being able to directly query the project team builds a level of transparency that is otherwise hard to achieve. Failed AMAs can serve…

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What is market cap in crypto? A guide to market capitalization and cryptocurrency

Small-cap cryptocurrencies have market caps in the tens of millions to a few hundred million dollars (maxing out at around $500 million) and include coins like Immutable (IMX) and MultiversX (EGLD). Investors in small-cap crypto are often looking for exponential growth but should be prepared for significant price volatility and potential significant risks. A diluted market cap simply takes an…

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